Alu-Clad Windows Doors

The Alu-Wood Series

The term “Alu-Clad or Alu-Wood” is used in the industry to describe Aluminium-Clad Wood Windows and Doors.
The advantages of choosing Kalco Alu-Wood Systems are, you will get a product that combines the natural interior finish of wood with powder-coated aluminum exterior frames, ensuring that your Doors and Windows will have a very long life span and can withstand the harsh Indian Tropical climate.
We have 4 Operational Options in this segment. Product Name wise:

  • RUBINO - Inside Openable System
  • ZAFFIRO - Sliding System
  • TOPAZIO - Lift and Slide System
  • DIAMENTE - Outside Openable System
Good to Choose
  • All Kalco Alu-Clad Windows and Doors can be supplied with double or triple glazing and can achieve a maximum u- value performance of 1.8 W/m²K to meet the most demanding thermal standards including Passive.
  • Glazing options include toughened safety, laminated and acoustic control to meet most projects requirements. Acoustic performance 32dB are achievable.
  • The exterior aluminium finish offers a high weather resistant factor.
  • Aluminium frame Colour and Wood Colour Options available.
  • Aluminium cladding is extremely durable, dent-resistant, and Energy Saving.
  • BrandKALCO
  • Manufacturing byKalco Alu-Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Services byKalco-Kit
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FSC Certification
Lift and Slide Door System


Open it. Inside.

Feel the Luxury.


Kalco Alu-Wood RUBINO Doors
Kalco Alu-Wood RUBINO Windows


Simply.     Smoothly.     Slide it.

Easiest Way to Operate.


Kalco Alu-Wood ZAFFIRO Door
Kalco Alu-Wood Lift and Slide ZAFFIRO Door


Lift it.     Slide it.     That's it.

Easy Way to Operate Heavy or Large Panels.


Alu-Clad Lift & Slide Large Panel Doors


Open it. Outside.

Save Energy.


Kalco DIAMENTE - Alu-Clad

Not all Alu-Wood systems are the same.
We’ll work to understand your requirements and determine the system that will work best for you. It’s our job to help specify the best system and configuration(s) for your project.

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