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Slimline Door System

The Door Profile : Framed all round with a Skyview Slimline Aluminum profile, it reduces both the weight and footprint of door leaves and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any facility.

Good to Choose
  • The fixed frame is hiding the sliding frame completely. And the external lines are round, Giving profiles a Good design.
  • Frame Depth is just 104-mm or 4-Inch, And Sash Depth is 37mm or 1.45-Inch.
  • With 28-mm Polyamides the Thermal Insulation is: EN ISO 10077-2 Uf=1.8-1.9 W/(m2k).
  • Frame is Hidden with Concealed Drainage System. Sash width is very low.
  • This Slimline Sliding door system is inbuilt with Thermal Technology in 32-mm Glass. Use of special reinforced 28-mm Polyamides .
  • BrandKALCO
  • Manufacturing byKalco Alu-Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Services byKalco-Kit
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Slimmest Profile

It's easy to Operate.


Not all Aluminium Slimline doors are the same.
We’ll work to understand your requirements and determine the system that will work best for you. It’s our job to help specify the best system and configuration(s) for your project.

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