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Thermal Break System

Kalco Clima Thermal Break System is of high performance for small and medium fabrications. The wide range of profile covers multiple architecture applications and offers a range of fabrication and functional options. It is suitable for the construction of all types of opening frames.

Good to Choose
  • The alignment rail has special positions for brushes that hinder solid particles from entering the system.
  • Special rollers with a built-in hinges that slides on alignment drive and support rail.
  • Special gaskets seal the frame vertically, while a special profile with slots for gasketing brushes is placed on the upper part for complete sealing.
  • Special hinges for fixing the frame at the center (for large openings).
  • Choice of Inward or Outward opening folding panels, glazing types, lock types, colors, finishes, etc. possible.
  • BrandKALCO
  • Manufacturing byKalco Alu-Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Services byKalco-Kit
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On This Thermal Break Technology Systems - Options are

Open it.



Slide it.

Not all Thermal Break Systems are the same.
We’ll work to understand your requirements and determine the system that will work best for you. It’s our job to help specify the best system and configuration(s) for your project.

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